Fashion Blogs

I have a friend who is into fashion.   Whenever there are new styles in clothes, jewelry or shoes, she always wants what she sees.  She told me once that she wanted to make her own fashion site which I think is a good idea considering how much she is really into it.  One thing I told her was to check out some fashion blogs and get some ideas about being a fashion blogger.  Going to read some fashion blogs will surely give her an awesome perspective to be a fashion blogger.  There’s a lot of blogs out there, but finding the right fashion blog that can help her with what she needs is very important.  Just like these fashion blogs I found while surfing on the internet tonight.  They tackle a wide variety of fashion and styles ranging from clothes, to celebrities, to beauty stuff and what’s out.  These kind of blogs are what my friend needs to review.  Everything she needs to know about fashion is here, so I can’t wait to show it to her.  Anyone you know who is into fashion, should check this out coz when they do, they will be surprised how much there is to learn about fashion nowadays.


Perfect Watch

My hubby has been browsing online for a new watch that he is planning to give to his father.  He showed me the Tissot watches from and I was surprised how great their selection of watches is for men and women.  Me and my hubby were eyeing the Men’s Tissot Le Locle Automatic Leather Strap Watch which we think is perfect for my father in law.  He always likes a leather strap, so I’ll bet he will love this stylish and comfortable watch!

Ready to go to bed…

Our daughter is getting ready to go to bed. My hubby read her a couple of books already but she still wants to read more books. His tired because he had a very long day at work. I told him just let her play for a while and I put her to bed when she’s ready.

Excited to Learn to Play Banjo

I’ve never seen a banjo played in person before until one of my friends played one last week.  I was amazed how great the sound was and how fun it looks to play!  I tried it once because she let me use it and actually tried to teach how to play.  I would like to learn more about playing the banjo, so while I was online I found this banjo tablature from musicians friend that has a complete guide for beginners and a couple of songbooks.

New Books Please

It’s been about a week since we visited the library and she needs new books to read at home. She already had a book in mind and she was really excited to get it. I love that she really enjoys reading books, especially at bedtime. Reading is good, it opens up a lot of imagination for kids. Anyway, it’s almost lunch time and I need to cook something for us before we leave.

Great Footswitch For Shuttle

Looking for some excellent shuttle combo that will make your sound incredible? Then, I suggest you check out good good genz-benz effects at musicians friend because they have what you need. For every guitarist, they should have a cool footswitch button that will control your shuttle and head hands free. It features four switches that allows to control your music.

Cleaning The House

I’m so glad that Rachel sleeping so soundly in her bed.  Now, I can finish cleaning the house.  It’s been a week now since I last vacuum the carpet.  I just hope that she will not awake when I use this noisy vacuum.  Or else I just wait for my hubby to gets home.

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Gifts, Music, and Kids

Are you still looking for a perfect gift for your son or nephew? If little boys are musically inclined you can choose to give a musical instrument to them. If they haven’t chosen what instrument to play, they may first be introduced to a music class, then afterwards they can get the instrument they are fond of on their own. You don’t have to get a new instrument each time, you may check its accessories and add-ons. Examples are picks or straps, you can save on martin guitar strap at Musicians Friend if you plan to get it there. Music is more powerful than language. It conveys emotions, it becomes your escape, it becomes your talent. If you want an extra curricular activity for your child, then music should definitely on your list of options.